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Confectionery in Opole, Poland
Anna Spakowska BONBON 3.jpg


The Confectionery BONBON is situated in the heart of the market square in Opole, Poland. It was recently opened and the goal of the window was to mark the new opened space in the city as well as invite guests inside.
The inspiration for the project was the famous mirror staircase at Chanel couture house as well as the beloved by many “Alice in Wonderland”.




The reason for choosing mirrors as the main medium in the project was to give more depth to the limited space available. The shapes of the mirror elements, which are a reference to BONBON logo, by forming an arch allow the reflections to bounce indefinitely.




This Mirrors Casket wraps a composition inspired by baroque still life paintings and the ingredients are the carefully crafted delicacy served in the Confectionery as well as BONBON business cards and elements of the table setting. All combined in an unique way to echo the Tea Party and The Mad Hatter from Carroll’s story.



All the elements used in the composition overlaps and repeats in the mirrors in which the viewer is also reflected creating a perfect scenery for selfies.
Anna Spakowska BONBON 5.jpeg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 4b.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 4.jpg

The Mirrors Casket reflect the city market square, with sun-soaked facades and, during the evening, with sparkling street lights.
Because of that the window is constantly bathed in light, shining like a precious jewel, which makes the Confectionery’s presence very distinct and dynamic but at the same time harmonious with the surroundings.

All that to tempt the passer-by to visit and indulge in one of BONBON’s specialities.
Anna Spakowska BONBON 2.jpg



Views available only while installing…

Anna Spakowska BONBON 7.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 8.jpg



Everyones favourite the BEFORE & AFTER photo…

Anna Spakowska BONBON 13.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 14.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 12.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 11.jpg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 6.jpg



Last but not least, the backstage photos…

Anna Spakowska BONBON 18.jpeg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 19.jpeg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 16.jpeg
Anna Spakowska BONBON 15.jpeg
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