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in Collaboration with Carnegie Fabrics 2021


The word ‘coterie’ refers to an intimate group with unifying purpose. These three-dimensional vertical hanging partitions create intimate, high quality space. Artfully crafted with plush Italian wool felt, they bring more beauty and function into the room with their elegant designs and sound absorbing properties. Therefor Coterie is a collection of very unique space division panels.

Coterie was inspired by traditional Polish pastry – faworki/chrust (angle wings in English). The inspiration came throughout the work process based on many tests and prototypes. Later on the chosen most beautiful and efficient designs were paired with carefully selected colours of the felt and the stitching threads.

The Coterie collection consists of three different designs and an embroidery option with various colour stitching. Each design is available in 9 elegant hues making it easy to match every space, even the already existing one. To check all the Coterie collection details please visit Carnegie Fabrics website.

What Carnegie Fabrics stands for is sustainability, innovation and creativity and it is supported by 70 years of experience. The variety of Carnegie products is truly impressive and they all are suitable for both heavy duty commercial and private spaces. Carnegie’s devotion to Quality and commitment to their clients, employees and collaborators is something I have experienced first hand and felt very much grateful for and inspired by. Without Carnegie Team, their passion and commitment, this project wouldn’t be possible. Amazing results can only be achieved with amazing people and I am deeply thankful to the whole Carnegie Team.

Anna Spakowska COTERIE icon.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_2.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_4.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_5.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_6.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_7.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_8.jpg
Anna Spakowska_COTERIE_9.jpg
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