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Exhibition at The Interior Galery
Dobrodzien, Poland
Only The Best

What is the shape of the sound? In what way our environment influence it? What determines its quality? And in what way can we sculpture it through our surroundings?


Sound is an inseparable part of our lives. We say it’s too loud, too quiet, it’s fuzzy, reverberant…The quality of the sound influences how we feel and whether we perceive the space in a negative or a positive way. Hence sound builds our emotions, experiences and memories.


The exhibition SOUNDSCAPE presents a way in which we can shape the sound through interior elements such as lamps, wall panels, bass traps and functional sculptures.

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Proper acoustics refine the sound and therefore our experience of the space. Each space - be it a restaurant, an opera, an office or our own home - is different and needs an individual approach. The material from which a given element is made as well as its form and its location is crucial. 
When it comes to  acoustic wool is one of the most effective material. It is characterised by high efficiency of noise and echo reduction, it is also flame resistant, antistatic, water and dust repellent and environmentally friendly.
Functional Art are design objects which are both functional and exceptionally looking. You could call them functional sculptures. These are the features that make the space unique, where we feel good and want to come back to.
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I also would  like to share with you an interview I gave regarding the exhibition. It's in Polish so as long as you know the language OR would want to simply hear how it sounds, you're gonna enjoy it 👌
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