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Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO LA 1.jpg


The Lamp. The Warm Up. 

THE VIRTUOSO Collection begins with THE VIRTUOSO Lamps.

These Beauties have 3 goals to reach: give light; absorb noise and bring more Character into Your space.

I’ve designed this collection through further exploration of the felt material. These 360* sculptural forms came naturally as a continuation of my Acoustic Art Panels collection. The idea is still the same – to create simple yet unique forms and use simple yet high quality materials. Therefore THE VIRTUOSO Lamps are made with wool felt and metal. This combination of matte & gloss, soft & hard, curved & flat is what makes a space come to life. The way I see it, it’s Art transformed into functional Design. Because why wouldn’t a daily used object be an art piece which You can admire and be inspired by every time You look at it?

This collection have 4 unique patterns, however when they’re upside down they gain a new look. Therefore there’re actually 8 unique patterns. Here they’re, the stars of The Show

Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO lamp 3.jpg
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO LW5.jpg



Heading towards timeless classic chandelier with a twist. This form is more elaborated, has more details and creates spectacular light-shadow effect once lit. Inspired by the form of a lotus flower this lamps brings a beautiful texture into the room.

SIZE (of the felt form): diameter: 48cm (ca.18,89 in) height: 50cm (ca. 19,68 in)

Length of the lamp cable: 100cm (ca. 40 in)

Available to two versions: Lotus WATER and Lotus AIR

Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO LA 3.jpg
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO bordo cafe L
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO bordo piano
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO LW2.jpg
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