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Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO Nefretete 3.


The Lamp. The Warm Up. 

THE VIRTUOSO Collection begins with THE VIRTUOSO Lamps.

These Beauties have 3 goals to reach: give light; absorb noise and bring more Character into Your space.

I’ve designed this collection through further exploration of the felt material. These 360* sculptural forms came naturally as a continuation of my Acoustic Art Panels collection. The idea is still the same – to create simple yet unique forms and use simple yet high quality materials. Therefore THE VIRTUOSO Lamps are made with wool felt and metal. This combination of matte & gloss, soft & hard, curved & flat is what makes a space come to life. The way I see it, it’s Art transformed into functional Design. Because why wouldn’t a daily used object be an art piece which You can admire and be inspired by every time You look at it?

This collection have 4 unique patterns, however when they’re upside down they gain a new look. Therefore there’re actually 8 unique patterns. Here they’re, the stars of The Show

Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO Nefretete65.
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO Nefretete 1.



There’s always A Queen, and so it’s in a case of THE VIRTUOSO Lamps. That’s Her – Nefretete.

Think of Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Cleopatra’ (1963) and one of her gorgeous headpiece. You just can’t take your eyes off her, can ya? The name for this lamp was inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and this name apparently means “the beautiful one has come forth”. What else can I say about this lamp?

SIZE (of the felt form): diameter: 65cm (ca.25,59 in)  height: 25cm (ca.9,84 in)

Length of the lamp cable: 100cm (ca. 40 in)

Available in two versions: Nefretete UP and Nefretete DOWN

Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO Nefretete 4.
Anna Spakowska THE VIRTUOSO Nefretete 2.
Anna Spakowska_V_NEFRETETE_down.jpg
Anna Spakowska_V_NEFRETETE_up.jpg
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